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Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
José Enrique, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hotel El Convento, Viejo San Juan   Im lucky to say that I pretty much grew up here :)
Puerto Rican ice cream vendor.. if you haven't ever had Puerto Rican ice cream (coconut, mango, etc..), then you're REALLY missing out!
San Juan, Puerto Ricco. It really is this pretty.
The original city walls still tower in the background, and if you follow them long enough you'll reach El Morro. Overlooking the sea from the northwestern tip of San Juan, this massive fort is truly a sight to behold. A winding maze of dungeons, towers and an impressive system of tunnels, this was once the center of the Spanish occupation of Puerto Rico, and now it is one of the most important Old San Juan attractions, tracing the history of the city, the fort and its people.
Puerto Rico
Colors in Old San Juan