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Inspiration - you could do something really fun with beach balls, like take photos with all your guests tossing them around in the air, or something with your wedding party. I don't know, they are just cute!

Jessica Linder hopped a train early in the morning to snag this shot of a near-empty beach in the sea-side town of Viareggio, Italy. Despite getting a sunburn while enjoying the view, Linder says she had a blast relaxing with Italian locals on the beach.

Pillowcase quilt. I recognize almost all the patterns from my childhood! Wonder if my mom still has them?

This is my beach house in ocean city!!!!! Beach decor, vintage beach, ocean beach, summer, sand, ocean, surf , beach art, yellow - Beach Towels - photograph via Etsy


All strong metal made in america, . . All strong metal chairs. This where the ladies sat out in the country. But the chairs were usually green--not as elegant as these.


Container Flower Gardening Ideas: A = Red Cordyline B = Lamb's Ear C = Soprano Purple Osteospermum: Container Flower Gardening Ideas: Red Cordyline, Licorice Plants, Soprano Purple Osteospermum We love this display because it has a great variety of shapes

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