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(1/2) Brand: Carl's Junior Source: Emily Ratajkowski Source type: indirect Source Attribute: Attractiveness Why? Carl's Junior is a fast food brand. Fast food chains get the reputation of selling fattening unhealthy foods. By associating their product with a thin and attractive body it makes it seem more "ok" for consumers to try this product. After all if Emily is eating it and still looks good, why can't you?

This is a Carl's Jr ad that is using two beautiful woman as objects who are sexually eating a burger.

Review: Senran Kagura Estival Versus: We've all heard the expression "sex sells." It's the idea that our brains are so hardwired toward…

Marion Cotillard's Statement Shoes Make the Look

Dove 2015 Real Strength Men + Care Ad. The Core Motivation is psychological. They want to emotionally connect with men who are fathers and it also in a sense connects children to their fathers also. They tap this emotion of either, memory or nostalgia, or love for a dad through depicting important moments that most fathers remember experiencing or have yet to experience with their child.

BIMBO ADS. This ad's objective is to inform the low-carb fanatics that bread can lead to weight loss. This is an informative ad that builds more brand knowledge than brand equity.

71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think

Gold Gym 1 of 2 Communication Objective: Create awareness of the brand Method: It attracts new customers by showing them how going to gold gym can transform people from Fat to Fit. This is categorized as a Direct Marketing Tactic.

(2 of 2) Tourism Authority of Thailand: The communication objective is to attract attention from foreign tourists and to increase the amount of tourists coming to Thailand. They came up with the Tattoo Flyer, which is are temporary tattoos that can be scanned like a QR code. When scanned, they drive users to a series of videos that promote different aspects of Thailand. This interactive ad is effective because it resulted in a 42% increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand.