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Old School Methodist New Connexion School. Memorial stone laid by William Agnew MP 25th August 1883

Radcliffe Quarry is a medieval quarry in an outcrop of Carboniferous sandstone near Church Street and Bridgefield. Part of the site is now occupied by a Health Centre. The quarry is almost certainly medieval with its stone being used in many local buildings.

School Street Bridge, near to Radcliffe.

Radcliffe Whit Walk Congregational Sunday School and Girl Guides St John's Crescent Whitsuntide Procession 1930

Odeon Cinema, Foundry Street, Radcliffe, Bury, Greater Manchester

Radcliffe Close Methodist Church was built in 1839 at the expense of Mrs Bealey, closely associated with the nearby Bealeys Bleaching Company. Prior to this date services were held in the works.

St Pauls Wesleyan Methodist Mission Colliery offices "It was an old colliery office belonging to Mr Andrew Knowles .. On Sunday January 15th 1882 the new mission hall was opened. ... In Otcober the offices had to be enlarged" Bazaar guide 1899.

Odeon Cinema, Foundry Street, Radcliffe

Radcliffe Tower - structure and deterioration The 'licence to crenellate' When James de Radcliffe planned the rebuilding of his manor house, his intention was that it should be fortified. This would mean gaining permission from the King. A 'licence to crenellate' was granted to James on the 15th of August 1403 by King Henry IV. Under its terms James was allowed to construct a new great hall and two towers and to enclose these with an outer wall.

The Tower is a Pele Tower,a form of medieval fortification found in the north of England and Scottish Borders and at Radcliffe was probably three storeys high. Originally the ground floor would have been used for storage, with living accommodation above. However, when the hall was built adjoining it, the ground floor was most likely converted into a kitchen with the insertion of up to three fireplaces.