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Oh ya some serious questioning!

'Ask a Slave' Makes Depressingly Stupid Tourist Questions Hilarious- scientific racism and abolitionist racism; interracial sex v. interracial marriage

Would an Elephant Like the Seaside?: And Other Questions - Hilarious Scenes Bring Elephant Facts to Life!

H. L. Burke, Author: Random Interview Saturday! Lori B. Duff Random questions: hilarious answers. Www.loriduffwrites.com

And this cautious Honda Civic driver. | 23 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Ask Questions

WHY YOU ASKING ALL THEM QUESTIONS? .. #FCHW I actually watched the whole thing to the the end. Me. And a Hip Hop song. To the end. Now THAT is a worthy viral video.

Louis CK - Why? (on parenting, kids, and questions)...to make you laugh & make ur day better..makes u smile & laugh out loud

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