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I'll take 7 life pills, and 1 love pill please. Oh and a whole bag of sacrifice pills please. Did I mention the love pill??

Moriarty's eyes don't smile. Moriarty's eyes are windows into the abyss.

Haha I feel like this is how all the Sherlock actors/actresses react to anything the fandom does!

All is forgiven, Jim, come home. (Unless you rewatch certain key sections of Reichenbach, of course, in which case the bastard can burn)/

I listened to that song yesterday and all I could think of the whole time was Moriarty lol

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I'm in a bookstore for hours and walk out of the store with no books at all, because I don't got enough money --> I had to buy so much merch - Fangirl Problems xD

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It doesn't even matter which fandom at this point. Fnaf burned down twice so :) <<< correction FNAF burned down 3 times and now theres gonna be a fourth xD <<< Sherlock has been on hiatus for 2 years. The show came out in 2010. Every single time a season ends we have to wait 2 years. We only have three seasons so far, each one with only three episodes. You guys get a new game pretty much every other month. I'm not saying you guys aren't crazy. I'm saying that the Sherlock fandom is crazier…

Well, Moriarty was a "better class of criminal." Magnussen is the Umbridge of the Sherlock fandom!!

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