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Smooth sailing
Alloy Yachts Kokomo Superyacht from http://www.alloyyachts.co.nz/yachts/sailing+yachts/Kokomo.html
Sailing Yacht - Melek - Perini Navi - Completed Superyachts on Superyacht Times .com
Fivea PERINI NAVI sailing yacht
$30 Sailing yacht sketch, full sails, misty shore, water reflections. Original art, graphite pencil drawing by Elena Whitman.
A yacht sailing - in black and white - via www.murraymitchell.com
Saw this amazing sailing yacht today. Maltese Falcon-  thе third lаrgеst sailing yacht in thе world.
I love this as I love sailing. Though I don't get much of an opportunity to do so nowadays. I find there is something very clean and cleansing about sailing on a day like the one in the picture. Just setting the sails, watching them in the wind and on the horizon, feeling the wind in your face on deck. I love racing too, and all the ropes and charts that go along with sailing off-shore. I do, however, get seasick sometimes below deck in rough weather and prefer to stay topside in choppy…