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Beautiful German Shepherd puppy!

Lexi the German Shepherd. Hi, I'm Lexi, and everyone tells me that I may be the cutest dog on the planet! I live with my human in Alberta, Canada--which is great for me because I love being so close to all kinds of wilderness. In addition to playing in water, my hobbies include chasing birds, car rides, frolicking in tall grass, barking at deer, and chewing on my toys next to the fireplace.

No one will ever get to close to him, ever while that dog lives.

Black German Shepherd is a good choice to invest because of their high rate of productivity. A female Black German Shepherd can give birth to upto 10 puppies.Normally its litter size is (5-10).

This little pup looks cute but when I say "Howl." She attacks. Her sharp little teeth are good to bite the enemy and since she's so small she's quick and can get into small spaces. When she's not on missions she's my little doggie named Casey.

German Shepherd puppy.  What a cutie! -

I thought they were exaggerating when they said the German Shepherd is a velcro dog.