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Vital news and well worth the attention of any gentleman in possession of at least one reasonably strong leg.

Our choices are a reflection of our values. Just because our values regarding education have been out of whack, and even further skewed by p...

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A Free eBook Offer: 10 Things You Won't Find in a Godly Marriage

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25 Ways to Communicate Respect

So So SO not just for women. Good tips for anyone in any relationship. Actually, it really bothers me that it is written as Suzy homemaker needs to keep the house tidy and make her husbands favorite meals... keeping a happy household is a two way street!

Emergingmarkets: Predicting the next crisis Think-tank specialist summarized vulnerability of emerging markets against assumed risk options based on various financial ratio / parameters. The Economist article says; HOW resilient are emerging-market economies? Many are struggling, thanks to the economic impact of a strong dollar. But what would happen if things suddenly got a lot tougher? A new paper, from Liliana Rojas-Suarez of the Centre for Global Development, a think-tank, offers some…

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The Myth of Working Your Way Through College

The Myth of Working Your Way Through College || Once upon a time, a summer spent scooping ice cream could pay for a year of college. Today, the average student's annual tuition is equivalent to 991 hours behind the counter.