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"Is it possible to enhance your mental health with every day actions? Learn 8 things you can do every day to enhance your mental health."

Every sensitive person, intuitive, empath and healer can relate to this. ~ Empath Quotes

The thriller Every Secret Thing revolves around two teenage girls and the abduction and murder of a baby seven years earlier. Starring Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning, the movie casts more female leads than your average thriller (thank you!) and Laura Lippman, whose 2003 novel inspired the film, has deserved a big-screen treatment of her work for years.

10 Things Every Etsy Shop Owner Should Have - Competition has made it extremely difficult to receive listing views and exposure of your products. Read how you can take control over how you market and grow your business. Pin it.

"It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Psalm 62:8 Trust God #165

Trust only in GOD! In every moment... tell him ALL of your troubles

"Every high school should have a mandatory class called "Life" which teaches you how to: sew, change a tire/oil, do taxes, basic first aid, basic cooking etc. Basic things that you need in real life."

The One Thing You Must Do to EVERY Image on Your Blog

Photography: Since I began blogging I have managed to double my blog traffic month over month. Pinterest now serves as my single largest website referrer with 42.06% of total traffic and generating more than 20k website impressions daily! | The One Thing You must Do to EVERY Image on Your Blog | Think Creative