HAHAHA!!!! Im dying! :D

hey - hey I just picked up the car. I am gonna oil your ass up at 7 so be ready! - I always knew you wanted me - lol shut the fuck up man. pick you up. phone prob - whatever. just be gentle with me honey

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Oml I have a little golden retriever/corgi mix! They are too cute 😍😘

A Hooker? Your mom, your wife or your sister

Funny pictures about Intelligence Test. Oh, and cool pics about Intelligence Test. Also, Intelligence Test photos.

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guess what!I did it! I took your sex tips and lost my v-cardWOW.thats my boy! Im very proud of you. Now get home quick so you can share a beer with me! So how was it?It was AWESOME.but when does my ass stop hurting?

Lol xD

Imagination Or Reality Hiott sounds like us? "What's up, fantasy life?


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Yeah it did

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