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There is always a way to grow even if it's harder..

from Business Insider

There's a fascinating reason why it feels like it gets harder to sleep as you age

anchordivision: It’s getting harder and harder to impress with a CB750 custom. But this machine, stripped back to bare finishes and muted colors, works a treat. ‘The Natural’ is a collaboration...

How NovaMin differs - NovaMin is an advanced calcium and phosphate delivery technology. When activated by saliva during brushing, the NovaMin releases the natural building blocks of teeth – calcium and phosphate – into the mouth to form a layer of protection both over and within exposed dentine tubulesThis layer has a similar composition to hydroxyapatite – the tough mineral which makes up human enamel and dentine – and it’s up to 50% harder than natural dentine.

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5 Tips To Get Outside With Your Kids In The Winter

Spending time in nature is a great way to strengthen family bonds, but when the temperature drops, it's much harder to get outside with the kiddos. By the time you get everyone layered in snowsuits...

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Easing Pregnancy Pain Naturally

No time to exercise? Too busy to relax? Nikki Page highlights low-maintenance routines to survive the working week.

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20 Of The Most Beautifully Secluded Places on Earth

Nature, these days, is getting harder and harder to find. I don't mean nature as in the tree your back garden, nature as in untouched perfection that no one has ever really been to, let alone lived there. So if you're feeling like it's all getting too much and you just want to be alone…