In Pictures: Inspirational photography from around the world by natalie

Girl With Green Eyes - Bangladesh in Portrait - Photography by David Lazar Amazing unusual green eyes - beautiful

fashion, lifestyle & creativity blog: Beauty tips for teenager

Allison Miller, she is a beautiful girl very shy no boyfriend her best friend is Martina

Gorgeous Lifestyle Portrait Photography by Elliot Choy #inspiration #photography

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

12 year old girl photoshoot -  teenager sesion. Creative in exterior.

12 year old girl photoshoot - teenager sesion. Creative in exterior…

Villain(ess) - 39 Motivations. To write the next Great American novel, you need a great villain. But villains are tricky. What motivates a person to be so evil? Why should I believe in your villain? Click through to get more on each motivation and learn to create an enduring villain(ess) like Cruella de Ville or Darth Vader.

39 Villain Motivations

39 Villain Motivators ~ Jump starters to get your creativity and imagination flowing. Each motivator presented with a statement from the villain(ess)'s POV to help clarify the motivator.