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Soul Ties (Soul Ties Book 1) by LJ Swallow

In 2065 A.D. the environment collapses spawning plague that kills billions earth wide. The survivors are forced to take over every aspect of life. So begins the New Victorian Age. Now, 475 years later, the restored Earth and colonized Solar System are ruled by ten women Guardians who answer only to a governing computer, CENTRAL. But mankind faces extinction at the conclusion of the next generation....

Distant Suns by Patricia Smith. Heart-Wrenching Apocalyptic Thriller.. $0.99

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author The Queen of scream novels does it again! It’s laced with a terrifying nail-biting tension and characters that make your skin crawl. With her blankly staring eyes seeming to gaze into the sky, he put a red rose between her teeth and then gently pushed her into the water. She slowly sank into the slow, flowing river. No one ever found her body, and as the years passed, her real name could not be remembered, so she was called The Wild Rose....

Escape To Redemption - a Review