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How I got 150,000 Pageviews in 3 Months on a Brand New Blog. This blog post has the exact method she used over 3 months to get traffic. Some juicy nuggets in this blog post! Check it out at

Your Dream vs. God's Calling ~ Propel Women. "I quickly learned the hard way that if I obeyed without trust, I couldn’t see what God had for me. " "I realized that even though I had obeyed and responded to God’s change of direction in my life, I hadn’t trusted and therefore I hadn’t given myself to what I was being called to create. "

from Alyssa J Howard

New Identity: What the Bible Says About You (and what it doesn’t)

I needed to stop calling myself by my old identity and start claiming my new identity in Christ! #write31days

Jarlsberg, Parmesan, and Brie Oh MY!!!_So I have been busy with making several cheeses and can now start blogging about them. The following three cheeses were made from recipes (with some small changes) from a great book called "Artisan Cheese Making at Home" and also from recipes on New England Cheesemaking website.

from Around the Kampfire

October Means Stellaluna!

Describing how Stellaluna changes from the beginning to the end of the story for Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. Students gave evidence from the text to support their descriptions which we added to the sides. My kids and I call this a "flubble map" since it's a combination bubble map (to describe) and a flow map (to show change). Not sure if the Thinking Maps folks would agree but it works for us! Lots more ideas for specific standards with this book in the post.

✐ Daily Weird Prompt ✐Within The DreamWrite about a character who has terrible nightmares every night, and is terrified of going to ‘sleep.’ The catch? This character doesn’t know it yet, but their nightmares are more real than they think. Double catch? The world they think is ‘real’ is actually the dream, and the place they truly belong to is the realm of nightmares.Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And…