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Please dont leave me", i whisper. Tears falling freely onto your face. Your eyes flutter and i hold breath waiting for your brilliant blue eyed to drown me.

Eye of the tiger.

She thought she was alone in the hotel gym so decided to sing "eye of the tiger" at the top of her lungs whilst exercising. He found it so entertaining he just had to meet her.

"When a person cries & the 1st drop comes from the right eye it's from happiness. But when the first roll is from the left eye, it is from pain." I wonder if this is true?

Life on the kidney waiting list: Hospital

My eyes flitted around, a hospital...this is what one looks like right? Okay...think. My name....HOW CAN I NOT KNOW MY NAME?!!! okay okay. I'm...female right. I looked down my hospital gown. Yeah, female.

the disney princess

"No! Please don't leave me. I love you," Belle sobbed leaning down to kiss him just as the last petal fell. Magically, the Beast rose, and changed back into his human form. "Belle, it's me," said the Prince.