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Doula Tip: Grab their attention with Logo Rice Socks

Doula Tips: A rice sock with your business logo on it is a great way to get doula referral business.

Crock pot hot towels for homebirth. Seriously.... Why did I not think of this?? Would have been great for when we ran out of hot water last time

Epidural Side Effects

Natural Ways To Ease Labor Pains! Try these tips for a natural birth experience! #naturalbirthtips #easelaborpains #naturalwaystoeaselaborpains

How to Have Natural Childbirth in the Hospital

I think it is so important to prepare for your birth, especially if you are going to give birth in a place that does not put a high value on natural birth. Here are seven of the ways I found that helped me achieve the birthing experience I wanted while in the hospital.

Free Visual Birth Plan Template (That Nurses Won't Scoff At)

Looking for a simple birth plan? You've found one! Download this free, one page visual birth plan that any labor and delivery nurse will appreciate.

How to Write a Birth Plan That Works For You

Birth plan - no birth goes as planned but it is really helpful to think through the decisions you might have to make during labour. This detailed guide to writing a birth plan covers everything we wish we had known before we went into labour