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So, you want to know what all that "focal mechanism" stuff means on the USGS site I just pinned? Check out Chris' great explanation of focal mechanisms and how to read those beach balls over at Highly Allochthonous.

Erik has a cool blog, if you're into volcanoes you really should check it out. For all journalists you may not write an article about volcanoes unless you have read and understood this particular article.

Hmm, so I didn't pin the original news that NASA announced finding deposits consistent with fluvial (water) transport on Mars. Also, fix your damn image search algorithms Pintrest, there's tones of images on this page that they didn't find.

Feel like high school physics let you down? Catch up with what an atom is right here :-)

Remember kids, when you take off those conglomerate shaded glasses, there are other perfectly valid explanations. To sort this out we need MMMMOOOOAAAAARRRR DATA!

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