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The Companies I am Boycotting and Why on LOVE this blog. And, I HATE GMO's. I even more I HATE that we are not TOLD when a product is genetically modified.Read & VOTE CA!!~~

Candidate Obama promised to "immediately" require GMO labeling if elected. What they don't tell you is that 35 former Monsanto employees/department heads now work for the federal government. Of course there is still no labeling requirement for GMOs.

How "RoundUp Ready" GMO Corn is Made. More Here:

The_Biggest_Food_Threat_of_2013 - GE/GMO Foods: Environmentalists and food-safety advocates were not pleased. "This was a very narrow assessment, and it's the wrong framework for FDA to be making such crucial decisions," says Colin O'Neil, director of government affairs for the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit that has opposed GE salmon

Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives Free Week Showing - the week of Sept 16, 2012. Please SHARE! Many ppl are still unaware of Who Monsanto is and What GMO's are!