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"...So many lies have been written about us, the mountain people, that folks from other states have formed an image of a gun-totin', tabaccer -spittin , whiskey drinkin', barefooted, foolish hillbilly who never existed except in the minds of people...

» Appalachian author Verna Mae Slone dies at 94 The Bluegrass and Beyond

Encounters at the Heart of the World: a history of the Mandan People, by Elizabeth A. Fenn, winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for History, concerns the Mandan Indians. Iconic Plains people whose teeming, busy towns on the upper Missouri River were for centuries at the center of the North American universe. We know of them mostly because Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1804-1805 with them, but why don't we know more? This extraordinary book retrieves their history. Adult Non-fiction…

Commonly Misspelled Words - and, @billandsallytx , might I add "that" vs "who", :D

It doesn't matter how you got started, you have the power to design the end of your story. We are all born to win More@

If you have ever seen the movie... please don't give up on this book. SO much better... The movie feels so old but the writing of this book is so fresh - to this day. ;-) The book which started my life with Betty and her humor.

The Colour of Milk: A Novel by Nell Leyshon. The year is 1831 when 15-year-old Mary begins the difficult task of telling her story. A scrap of a thing w/ a sharp tongue & hair the colour of milk, Mary leads a harsh life working on her father's farm alongside her 3 sisters. In the summer she is sent to work for the local vicar's invalid wife, where the reasons why she must record the truth of what happens to her - & the need to record it so urgently - are gradually revealed.

600 Other Ways to Say Common Things: Improving Student Vocabulary

600 Other Ways to Say Common Things: Improving Student Vocabulary

The Promise by Ann Weisgarber