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The Wat Bo troupe of Large Shadow #Puppetry from Siem Reap, #Cambodia, received blessing yesterday for their departure to #Bangkok, #Thailand, where they will perform as part of the Harmony World Puppet #Carnival on Nov 7!

We're launching our Plae Pakaa program of performances in Siem Reap on Nov 17! The Sounds of Angkor troupe performs instruments depicted on Angkorian bas-reliefs and were lost until ethnomusicologist Kersalé rebuilt them in 2013! Learn more: . Picture (c) Peter Phoeun

The Children of Bassac, a troupe of Cambodian classical and folk dance performing at Plae Pakaa, a program of traditional arts performances in Phnom Penh. Help us keep this alive: #Cambodia #traditional #dance #arts (c) Dennis Drenner

CLA's Large Shadow Puppetry troupe has premiered in New York yesterday at the World Financial Center as part of the Season of Cambodia festival! #SeasonofCambodia #Cambodia #arts #NewYork #shaddowpuppet

A visitor is witnessing Large Shadow Puppetry or Sbaik Thom being taught. Sbaik Thom is a centuries-old shadow puppetry form unique to Cambodia. Want to learn more about Cambodia's amazingly rich culture? Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) is offering a cultural trip to Cambodia next January. Learn more: #Cambodia #culture #arts #travel