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Elizabeth Montgomery played lizzie Borden..and I want to see this movie

I want to see this movie because Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber who played Jane and Michael Banks in Marry Poppins are in it. And because it's Disney movie from the 60's so it should be really good!

The Wiz Movie. Remember when this movie came out..everybody I knew wanted to see how the black version was going to be portrayed. Great cast..Lena Horne, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, to name a few.

I heard that The Falcon will be in the new Captain America: Winter Soldier movie that's coming out in a year or so. I just got even more interested in the movie now. I want to see how Anthony Mackie plays the Harlem based Superhero!

The Philadelphia Story (1940). Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn. Ah, she sure is "yar." Back to marrying her true love her ex-husband!

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