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Explore School Massacre, Aftermath and more!

The deadliest school massacre in US history was in 1927. Why its aftermath matters now - Quartz

CRITICAL THINKING--This web activity challenges students to examine 5 primary source documents to determine the most accurate portrayal of the "Boston Massacre".

...not to mention the more than 90 school shootings since Sandy Hook, and that was only 2 years ago!

What Fundamentalists Worship

America of today is a result of Satan going rampant .Put God back where He belongs. At the center of everything ! ( J.J. - How absolutely absurd ! "Satan" is too blame ! The degree of primitive superstition in this the 21 st CE century is really difficult for any sensible person to comprehend ! ! )

Please Sign the petition. 17,905 more signatures are needed. This petition was created today via We The People. The White House must take the lead on enacting strict controls on all firearms in the US.