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Kindergarten self portraits

portraits - a self portrait what a great idea for kiddos to do each year

“I left Berlin three days before the Hitler regime commenced (1933), and I was happy to leave, as my nerves were on edge with the tenseness of the political situation all around. I have seen too many starving people in Germany, and starving people are crazy people, willing to clutch at any straw, to follow any leader. Politics in Germany is a vital personal concern. People who have been bosom friends for years do not speak to one another because of differences.” -Peter Lorre,

'60s Fashion Icons | Блогер Oath на сайте SPLETNIK.RU 18 августа 2016 | СПЛЕТНИК

Take out your camera and just shoot anything, you never know how it can turn out. Better yet...don't delete just upload and what today you don't find appealing...another day you will.

Their beauty captures every eye, a gift from God for all mankind, they lend us wings so we may fly, to ride a horse is to ride the sky. LL

Jimmy Stewart-I LOVE this Man! Age has treated him well! A Great, Great Actor! Missed!

To win is momentarily joyful - to help someone else win is eternally satisfying. (Afghanistan)

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Classic Movie Stars Spending Time With Their Pets

Vivian Leigh

"Although he had everything his heart desired, The Prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind."