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Community Post: If Phil Lester Tweets Were Motivational Posters

Oh my gods Phil...he will hurt himself one day and I swear the Phandom will be laughing while crying and Dan probably won't even know what to do

Disney’s Old Movie Posters Were The Best

Disney’s Old Movie Posters Were The Best

These are actually Disney ADVANCE movie posters. The art was done by the amazing John Alvin. Sadly, John Alvin died in Mr Alvin drew nearly 100 posters for movies, not just Disney movies. Check out the link for some his other movie posters.

People pleasers come close. Just because they don't like you doesn't mean you're not likable. Or that you have to find a way to make them like you. Just because they put down your ideas doesn't mean they're wrong. Or that you as a person are wrong. Just because your body type is different than the media-imposed "ideal" doesn't mean you aren't lovely gorgeous sexy hot cute or handsome. Or that you have to "fix" ANYTHING for them. There will always be someone judging belittling or…

8 Essential Keys for Successful Exam Preparation

..until you're sick of it. Then get with the rest of the band AFTER they've learned THEIR parts. U'll be surprised how fast the songs come together