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Join the Social Good Summit Global Conversation

Join the global conversation at this year's Social Good Summit by organizing or attending a meetup in your hometown or around the world.

49 Maps That Explain The USA For Dummies

Increasingly, Americans are living in what researchers have dubbed "megaregions", interlinked population centres already home to 78% of the USA's 318m citizens.

Meet Google's 'Project Loon': Balloon-powered Net access

Google has announced “Project Loon”. The motto of Google is to connect the entire world to the internet. Google hopes to connect the rural and remote areas through a floating network via this project. Google believes to build a system that uses balloons flying in the stratospheric region. The goal of Google is not only providing internet connection to a larger section of population in the world but to keep the communication steady in times of natural calamity.

What Is the Most Patriotic Color?

TIME recently used Mathematica and the Wolfram Language to find the most patriotic color in the world!

Almost all of the world’s biggest cities will be in Asia and Africa by 2030

Almost all of the world’s biggest cities will be in Asia and Africa by 2030.

The technological advances in social media are utterly amazing in just 10 years. I used a Facebook app to see where my friends live. Each and every person is making a difference in the global asbestos struggle as we can connect and share on Facebook. Together, change is possible. ~ Linda

San Francisco Data Visualization MP4 Geneva Data Visualization MP4 Zurich Data Visualization MP4 The future of rail is data. Data visualization opens up the interpretive potential of transit data to the public. Real-time ridership data can make public transportation more efficient for passengers, while transit planners can understand what areas have high and low ridership …