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Adoption Tips

Adopt an older dog--click to read Top 10 reasons to do it. PLEASE ADOPT A SENIOR- OFTEN MANY HAVE GOOD YEARS LEFT IN THEM TO SHARE WITH *YOU*!

Hi! My name is Tina and I’m a super happy, sun-shiny girl. I’m available to adopters living in Texas through The Weimaraner Rescue of Texas. I like all other dogs and I’m pretty sure that the whole reason humans exist is to love on me and so for that reason I LOVE all people. Via:

This is where my pups come from now. I go find Senior Dogs who have no chance of adoption because of age/disability. We can only do one or two at a time. That way these pups get what time they have left in a loving home. They become the focal point of our lives. I can only hope that they can understand and appreciate what we try to do.

They are the best dogs

"I know I am not a breed dog, but I can love you as much as them." Very true! <3

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month facts and tips. While I can't say the health issues myth is a myth, I can say I am the proud parent of an adopted senior cat. She is nothing but love.

Senior cats are the last to be adopted at Shelters. They are often much-loved animals who have been surrendered because of death or economic difficulty. They are alone scared would like nothing more than to love be loved again. PLEASE ADOPT A SENIOR CAT AND TAKE YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND HOME WITH YOU FOREVER! I'm never sure if I saved their life or if they saved mine! Kind of leaning towards they saved mine!

I adopted your dog today..The one you left at the pound. The one you had for ten years and no longer wanted around. Did you know he's lost weight, has fleas and a cold? Guess you don't care-You abandoned him I'm told. I adopted your dog today...and shall give him all he will need. Patience, love, and security - so he can forget your selfish deed.

Rescue a senior dog. No dog should ever be left in a shelter to die because they are 'too old.'