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(Open gay RP. Be person A?) It's been such a slow day at the coffee shop. Sighing softly, I run a hand through my dyed blue hair and start to clean the counter. The door opens, the small bell ringing as it does so. I don't look up fully until the customer is right in front of me, and even then I just ramble off the typical greeting. "Welcome to Sweet Delights coffee shop." Our eyes lock and he smiles, and my brain practically shuts down. He's so handsome... I blush.

"Yesterday kids kept on ding dong ditching me so the last time they rang my bell I got soo annoyed I opened the door with a big knife Shouting "PREPARE TO DIE" I scared a Jehovah's witnesses"


30 Super Adorable Animal Wins

My name's Emily, but you can call me whatever you want. I enjoy poutine, lesbian ships, and angsty fanfiction. Hella gay. yyc. I'm single as hell. I have a fishblr...

from Beneath My Heart

Molding Inspiration for our New Doorway

Real color not given. They suggested Sherwin Williams' Poolhouse, SW7603, or Meditative, SW6227. Someone disagreed with Poolhouse and said that Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore is closer. Another said BM Sheer Romance #837.

{open: Richard} I look around at my room. Well, it was clean..that's good. But now I'm hungry.. I start to walk into the kitchen when I see you standing in the middle of it. I should really remember to lock the doors.. I lean against the doorframe. "Hey there" I say