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Medusa, The Gorgon The traditional Greek monster whose gaze will turn you to stone. But don't worry, it's just her reflection....Acrylic on board.

Byakhee! An eldrich horror from the pages of H.P Lovecraft. I've long been a fan of the stories and the Cthulhu Mythos. This was painted in gouache on board.

After A Long Silence This ancient tumble of ruins slowly being reclaimed by nature is part of the world after mankind has vanished and the bones of his decaying world aquire a new living skin of green. A large work in traditional materials: Acrylic on board.

Capricorn, The Deliverer The grizzled goat stands atop a volcanic crag bearing an innocent child (the Sun) to safety, under the gaze of Saturn and the long dark night of winter, calm and sure and alone. His horns suggest cornucopia as he is an agent of Jupiter, protecting the budding life until the jovian influence starts to return. . Painted in gouache on board. This version has been modified greatly using Photoshop, recently appearing in a Chinese magazine featuring occidental fantasy…

Cyberwolf This grisly cybernetic wolf-creature has awakened, bursting from its cryo-storage chamber to run and rend!! Originally a design for a large chest tattoo which I did when I was training to be a tattooist: I later refined the image and created a fully digital painting using Photoshop.

Aries, The Smiter One of four paintings I did based on the zodiac but attempting a different take on the usual symbolism. The Prince of Wands is the owl-rider,wearing a golden fleece and ram's skull and bearing a cone tipped wand (with the attributions of Will=Fire) and in the background is the lightning-struck tower, the rude awakening of birth.

Insouciant This cute petulant vampire bat girl is inspired by Japanese anime characters. Totally digital image made with Photoshop.

N.O.X. The Night of Pan Originally intended as the cover for a comic with an esoteric theme, this artwork was used as cover art for Odyssey magazine (with some modifications) and more recently as a design on a snowboard! Shows Pan astride the Abyss, expressing the formula I.A.O.