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Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber

Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber

Steven Universe - Sailor Moon parody

Steven Universe - Sailor Moon parody--Pearl and Lapis should be switched, but still super cute!

I died laughing after I saw this >.<

GoBoiano - 17 Times Fans Raised the Bar For Anime Comedy

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GIF discovered by ミランダ.

Sailor Moon power crystal

Silver Crystal / Sailor Moon gif (From Sailor Stars/Season 5 )

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Sailor Moon Stationary Shopping Guide

Sailor senshi

Supreme Sailor Guardians looking cool. I know it's to be seen in the manga, but that hair man! Such flow!

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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 32 - The gang

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon a well duh

A simple picture, but I like it a lot Visit me www.facebook.com/SilverSerenit…

Here's the Inner Senshi Team of Sailor Moon Crystal Season Inspired by Naoko Takeuchi Art on "Naoko Takeuchi Back-To-Work Punch" Finally complete al.