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Elementos gráficos de cómic

Gibi elementos gráficos vetoriais

Jakob Westman's Apartment: My dream apartment and also proof that Swedish men are the best.

from GeekTyrant

Cute DC Comics Cartoon Style Superhero Art

Wonder Woman

from io9

You'll Flip Out for This Awesome New Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

Just because we’re patiently waiting for its sequel, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the wonder that is James Gunn’s first Guardians of the Galaxy. And if you’re looking for a striking new way to do just that, check out this poster.

Anonymous said: How does one draw underswap Sans I need to know, teach me your ways... Please? Answer: sorry took it so long >_ sorry for my bad English and ugly words and suck tutorial m( _ _;)m hope...