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Sleeved Blanket for Reading in Bed - Limited edition duvet covers with sleeves, because it is really annoying to have cold arms when reading in bed. The blanket features an opening for the index finger that allows readers to conveniently turn pages.

Keep your headphones nearby when you take them out - I need to get these for my daughter!!!

Turn Tap for USB Power. cute

Plug in that allows both plug in charging and USB charging

Turns any veggie into spaghetti for roasting/baking etc. Spirelli de Gefu

floating camera that takes two photos at once - one photo above water and one underwater.

from Plataforma Arquitectura

Galería - Una interesante herramienta para arquitectos: "Any Kinda Tape measure" por Sunghoon Jung - 1

measuring tape with holes for marking

Smart Measure Takes The Measuring Cup Into The 21st Century | OhGizmo! Now this is convenient!

Fancy - Kangaroo Jumps X-Rebound Boots (look so fun!)