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22 Slow Cooker Recipes You Can Eat on a Diet

When we think diet, we think deprivation. While not 100% true, a diet DOES mean giving things up. One thing we should get to keep? Our slow cookers!

Perfectly Seared Scallops

Perfectly Seared Scallops! We serve these the way we know you will love them... It's simplicity at it's finest and all of our delectable dishes are prepared this way. Make reservations for dinner at the Captiva House restaurant:

Mushroom Florentine Pasta Recipe

Mushroom Florentine Pasta Recipe ~ A classic and easy creamy pasta dish made with mushroom, garlic, cheese and spinach.

Seafood Lasagna

Seafood Lasagna (but with real Crab meat not imitation) _ This rich satisfying dish is loaded with Scallops, Shrimp & Crab in a creamy sauce. I consider this the "crown jewel" in my repertoire of recipes!

Easy Fajita Chicken Bake

Easy Fajita Chicken Bake Recipe - Very easy. Very quick. My chicken breasts were really thick so I feel like the overall flavor was not that robust. Not rushing to make it again but decent enough to try. The veggies were yummy all baked and crisp thought.

World's Easiest Lobster

This lobster recipe is amazingly simple and will make you feel like you're the queen (or king!) of cooking!