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How To Use ReadQuick To Speed Read Through Your Read Later Articles [iOS]

If you're like me, you probably pile up a long list of articles in your Instapaper or Pocket accounts that you intend to read later. But keeping up with the books I want to read, and job-related reading requirements, I have nearly given up on reading anything later. But I also know that I tend to be a slow reader, because of my habit of subvocalizing and highlighting text as I read. I have always been aware of speed reading techniques, but I have never got around to practicing them.

FREE Graphic Organizer: Making Inferences - 1 graphic organizer Directions: Read the text to make an inference based on the information provided and what you already know. Remember, you want to reveal what the author isn't telling the reader directly.

This is two lessons combined into one. The first lesson has students working on their weather map and script. The second lesson is where the students present their weather report to the class. I used this second lesson as their speech grade for their third grade requirements. It was really cute to see how each student gave their "weather report". $

Love the idea of close reading..... You can address all reading standards within close reading activities and it requires a deeper involvement with the text.... Anchor Charts | ELA in the middle | Page 2

RAN has proven to be an effective strategy to use with informational text as it encompasses both before, during, and after reading activities. In addition, it requires students to use a variety of strategies including activating schema, confirming thinking, and asking questions.

FREE RESOURCE. How do you use the reading workshop model when your district requires you teach from a basal reading program? Find out how I did it!!

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Structuring a Guided Reading Lesson

This guided reading schedule makes it simple for you to know what to do during each guided reading lesson.

What would you add to this list?
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What would you add to this list?

25 Books That Will Blow Your Mind - Amazing List! Some of these I've read, but others I haven't. I will need to read these in the near future!

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Monday Motivation: Sight Word Scratch!

Sight words are an important building block in learning to read. We could all use fresh ideas and activities for practicing sight words like this fun game! Sight word scratch is perfect for Kindergarten, First Grade, and even Second Grade!

Webelos Cheat Sheet not just a sheet, but 24 pages detailing all of the requirements. Each activity badge has everything included on it's own page!