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In this painting, the artist reimagines Ma'ii (Coyote) forming the Milky Way and Constellations by grabbing a blanket and sweeping it to the heavens.

Navajo Couple Riding among a Herd of Horses by Anthony Chee Emerson, Diné (Navajo), he was born in 1963, in the Four Corners area of New Mexico.

Anthony Chee Emerson's dramatized abstract paintings about the creation of the universe liven up this plain white modern living and give this room a character that is still in keeping with the modern look.

Native American and Southwest Art and Jewelry ? Turquoise Tortoise Gallery, Sedona. Anthony Chee Emerson.

This painting depicts the transformation of White Shell Girl, as she steps into the white shell disk, to Tłʼéhonaaʼéí, The One Who Rules the Night, which today we call the Moon.