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On Studying 1. You’ll develop strange study habits—like talking out loud to yourself, or repeating stupid mnemonics every time you have to recall a...

A Year Ago, Scientists Cracked One Of Einstein's Greatest Mysteries — Now A Bizarre New Form Of Astronomy Is Emerging

Rainbow Snake, Klingon Newt Among 163 Newfound Species

Female doctors paid $20,000 less than males on average, US study finds

The study shows that female doctors earn, on average, around $50,000 a year less than male doctors, with the pay gap at nearly $20,000 after factors such as age, years of experience and specialty are taken into account.

Photography can leave people speechless with its power and beauty. It can send a message to the audience, make people cry or laugh or both. It can make people feel guilty – or give money for a good cause. And it can make people think twice before pulling the trigger ... -Yannis Behrakis

Red Bull redet

Ein Auftritt mit dem Vizekanzler im einmaligen Ambiente des Radiokulturhauses, und das Publikum liegt dem neuen Bundeskanzler Christian Kern zu Füßen. Ö1-Klartext vom Feinsten. Am Abend davor war K…

NordSüd-Verlag Kinderbücher

Naarmate de kou toeneemt, stijgt het aantal snotterende neuzen en griepjes. Hoe verhoog je je weerstand zodat je deze kwaaltjes de baas bent?