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Original Stylish Line Drawing 9.5x11.75 "Thinking Cubes"

Original Stylish Line Drawing 9.5x11.75 by maaikevannierop on Etsy

Stained Glass Thresher Shark for Shark Week - German Mouthblown Antique Glass

Porcelain Heart Necklace, White, Blue and Gold, with Iolite Bead, Statement Necklace, Goldfilled, Handmade by Cecilia Lind, StudioLind

Pure as porcelain, good as gold - a heart both delicate and bold many lacy stories it might unfold to the one promising to keep and hold and listen carefully as the tale is told

50 vintage bird art sheets | original bird art | vintage audubon birds | antique images of birds | collectible bird art | bird lover audubon

Renee's Etsy Curio Cabinet, Curator of images, hyperbole and snippets of memory...please pass the biscotti, while I slurp another cosmic sigh...

. . e c h o e s . . by Brian Western on Etsy is out and the classroom beams glass globes chime romantic dreams spring whispers warmly to egg cradled quail: time to break free, to spread wings and tail butterflies tangle-tango around swan lake leaving pink blossom smiles in their wake and kingfisher spares snapper his arms as the forest echoes with sweet spring charms... poem by Cecilia Lind