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Hey! I made a chat board and I want a lot of people to join!!! I don't care what you post, just anything! Just ask and I'll totally invite you!!! Thanks, Hannah

from Polyvore

I Care

You may not know me, but if you ever just need someone to talk to I'll be here. I can invite you to a chat board or just send me a pin that we can comment on <3 <-- That is for whatever you are going through. Stay strong

If you watch the episode again, and pay attention to her reaction, you can kinda see her look at him a bit strangely. But I'm sure that a part of her was like, there's not way he's Chat Noir! Adrien doesn't make stupid puns and horribly timed flirtations every chance he gets!

Comment!!First person to get them all right gets invite to my Hey it's alexx board and a follow!!

okay so i'm thinking of making a group chat board for all my aesthetic pals cause i feel like we all follow each other and we should talk, thoughts?

Comment below first one to get it right gets a Follow