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CRIME FICTION RESOURCES - - Crime Fiction Genre Study - - / / - - (RA for ALL)

CRIME & MYSTERY BOOKS - - Crime Fiction Books by Author - - / / - - Mystery SUBGENRES -

Murder Mystery Party Invitation - cool birthday party idea! Someone please throw me a murder mystery birthday party!!!!!

Read On...CRIME FICTION: Reading Lists for Every Taste - by Barry Trott - - / / - -Great new reading lists for handouts, website, or simply to browse. - - / / - - (Rather than listing titles according to formal genres and subgenres, this book categories 100s of popular crime fiction titles according to 5 broad features - character, setting, story, language & mood - and then into thematic lists such as "Reading the Bones", "Dynamic Duos", "Love you to Death" & "Bright Lights, Dead Bodies")

Blood, Bedlam, Bullets, and Badguys A Reader's Guide to ADVENTURE/SUSPENSE Fiction - by Michael B. Gannon - / - / - This comprehensive guide of over 2,000 annotations addresses the adventure and suspense fiction genre and its subgenres and includes titles published between 1941 and 2004.

MYSTERY SEQUELS - - .. a resource site for all mystery, thriller and suspense book lovers who enjoy reading the books in order. From already ended mystery series to the latest ones just published. - - NEW BOOKS Released by MONTH. - -

They Mystery Readers Journal, published quarterly, contains thematic articles, reviews, essays, and other special columns and mystery related material. Mystery reading sparks suspense and thrill that adds color to anyone's imagination, and this journal inspires reading as well as writing such stories. Why read? Because it can be quite the ride.

Sisters in CRIME: an association for female crime writers. They value librarians; have a library liaison position on their board, attend every ALA conference, and encourage librarian memberships.