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ถูกใจตูบ!! "เบียร์กลิ่นเนื้อ" สำหรับมะหมานักดื่ม?? | สำนักข่าวทีนิวส์

Hillary Clinton has threatened to shut down alternative news websites in America if she is elected President of the United States.

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Good Ol' Justice in da South! It's better to murder someone and get off, like Ezekiel and George Zimmerman. A warning shot gets you in prison. Does anyone know which prison she is in, I'd like to write to her. My heart goes out to you my dear. I wish I would have had my gun that night. Silly me, how dare I not carry to just walk the dog.

I don't eat pigs for the same reason you don't eat dogs. They are not food. It's that simple. {Go Vegan}

McGruff the Crime Dog teaches kids about how to stop, talk and walk when faced with bullying in this funny 5-minute video. The role bystanders can play in helping to create a safe, happy community is also discussed.

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Naturellement stars

Twiggy & Cat.)***** Ravi/Ravinder Dahiya Punjabi, India, Hong Kong Crime 我们是中国人。我们是加拿大和美国。我们不会在中国写。我们要求宽恕。来自印度的一个犯罪团伙工作,在香港机场!2014年,2015年,2016年的领导者是45岁,出生1970年,他身材高大,白头发,相貌英俊。他告诉女人的谎言。他拥有在香港的时尚商务。年轻的受害者是两种类型的女人。白人妇女,美丽,俄语。中国女性 *****

I do not think it means what you think it means... #vegan

I pinned this because I think it's funny. People would see it and laugh and maybe tell their friends. This is further raising awareness for the campaign and getting people involved.