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This is what they call "Beginner's Mind." Keep an open mind. Attaching to your beliefs only causes suffering and ego constriction.

Rumi's answer to questions asked by a disciple - What is Poison? He replied with a beautiful answer - Anything which is more than our necessity is Poison. It may be Power, Wealth, Hunger, Ego, Greed, Laziness, Love, Ambition, Hate or anything What is fear.....? Non acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes adventure...! What is envy ? Non acceptance of good in others If we accept that good, it becomes inspiration...! What is Anger? Non acceptance...

Probably cause they're in pain. Same thing happens with physical.

Pero si tu problema es que tu estas amando y odiando, estas en un conflicto o circulo vicioso, eso no es amor, porque el que ama no puede odiar, posiblemente sea costumbre, ego, orgullo o capricho te sugiero soltar, olvidar e ignorar tres pasos simples no los hagas complicado hazlo así simple, SOLTAR, OLVIDAR E IGNORAR.

Calm is a superpower #quotes

Everything Aylmer did fits in under the ego side of this chart. The worst part is, he truly believed that it fit under the soul side. He changed Georgiana for his benefit, but he thought it was for both of them. He thought he was going to unify Georgiana and himself when, in fact, he was separating them.

The way I first saw this was: Super callous fragile ego extra braggadocious. Both work just fine!

On January 20, 2017, Trump will place his hand on a book he's never read, and take an oath that he will never keep, to protect a constitution he's also never read and will never understand.