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I didn't but that is one thing but for real I wonder about it like if it was a real thing... Would he have sharp teeth? That just a normal anime thing no one else sees different and its just normal???

from Etsy

Waist 24 to 26 Storm Trooper- Star Wars Corset

WANT! I love Damsel In This Dress' creations! I have a corset and a skirt from her and LOVE them. Must have this one!

FF7-Cloud Strife 克劳德·斯特莱夫 PS:Reorganized the chart which the preceding period of time draws. 整理了前段时&#...

allthatscosplay: “ Shua-cosplay Does a Beautiful Job with this Assassin’s Creed Cosplay! For all of your cosplay, gaming, anime, comic con, and all-around nerd culture needs, visit All That’s Epic. Be...