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And what does this matter? "I've been called many things by people who don't know me... the real ones who are affected by this are ego maniacs who guessed so wrong they set a legal precedent, or at a minimum a beautiful example of making an "Assuming" making an ass out of you and me. The beauty of patience is time to "right" the "wrongs" with humor and grace... I call it "art". People will judge what they don't understand. Be you.. Be proud.. And gently teach others what they missed...

Happy b day Nan. Love n miss u alot. There's never enough time. I think of u almost daily......thanks for being the best estimate friend anyone could ask for! U r my hero forever!

Fly high with the more pain. U did beat it....luv n miss u dearly angela jane nunley u were the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. Thank u for blessing my life.....1979-2016.