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"A little to close for comfort" by Sean R. Heavey

"A little to close... for comfort." by Sean R. Heavey, Glasgow, MT // – Buy stunning, museum-quality fine art prints, framed prints, and canvas prints directly from independent working artists and photographers.

A waterspout, a type of tornado that occurs over water. Waterspouts are spinning columns of rising moist air that typically form over warm water. Waterspouts can feature wind speeds over 200 kmph. Some waterspouts form away from thunderstorms and even during relatively fair weather. Waterspouts may be relatively transparent and initially visible only by an unusual pattern they create on the water. The above image was taken in July, 2013 near Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Nichole Garcia on

too close for comfort ~ This is similar to the view from my dining room window 2 years ago. I thought my heart would rupture right out of my chest!

The second tornado near Rozel, KS on May 18th 2013. The tornado was wobbling back and forth, and suddenly came a little too close for comfort.