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Ok, sorry to rant, but for fellow Ao Haru Ride anime watchers (that haven't read the manga). Tell me that you didn't feel horrible after finishing this. I mean, They never got together. NEVER. They always came close to and the people were like sike, and separated them before anything else could happen. Don't even get me started on the FUCKING OVA!!!

from GoBoiano

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I HIGHLY recommend you to read the manga of Ao Haru Ride! There's a website called if you can't find it

“Ao haru ride by Najini-chan Please support the artist by adding to favorites this artwork on deviantart! ”

Ya why is that?<< weird...I don't do that.... I become friends with people that make me happy and well...people don't dare to make me cry else they're up for a bad time :3

Hurts so much to actually say so. Some people can see right though you, while others can't. ~F.C.

From L to R: Yoshioka, Mabuchi, Makita, Murao, Kominato.