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Israeli Research Finds Parents’ Interrupted Sleep Is The Equivalent Of No Sleep At All

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3 Simple Touch Therapy Techniques for Babies

Did you know touch is the first sense babies develop? How early touch is crucial for brain development, may reduce crying, help sleep, and increase bonding. Tips for simple, but effective touch therapy at home.

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The 6 Most Common Sleep Training Methods, Demystified

The 6 Most Common Sleep Training Methods, Demystified via @PureWow

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This Crib of the Future Will Put Your Baby to Sleep in No Time

A motion and sound sensor tips the crib into action when the baby wakes or cries, activating a motorized swing and either a low-pitched white noise to encourage sleep or a higher pitch to calm a crying infant. In addition to its automatic setting, a mobile app allows parents to monitor and control Snoo remotely. While the crib will fit only small children, its technology has implications that last far beyond infancy: By promoting these sleep habits early, Snoo helps to train a baby's…

from The MOB Society

Dear Mom of a Strong-Willed Son

Dear Mom of a strong-willed son, I too, have a son that falls into the “strong-willed” category. I have felt a twinge of guilt for looking forward to rest time and bedtime, to be able to get a break. While lying in my bed at night, I have cried out to the Lord for help …


"We cannot train our babies not to need us. Whether it's the middle of the day or the middle of the night, their needs are real and valid, including the need for a simple human touch. A 'trained' baby may give up on his needs being met, but the need is still there, just not the trust." - L.R.Knost, author 'Two Thousand Kisses a Day: Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages' #parenting


Dinglefoots Scrapbooking - Watching Baby Sleep - Poem For A Page Sticker, $1.40 ( get more only on

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Tuesday Tips: Raising Happy Sleepers (Babyccino Kids)

Raising Happy Sleepers


Dear friends & family who don't know my child has Sensory Processing Disorder...

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Symptoms of ADHD, Diet & Treatment

ADHD Natural Treatment Infographic Chart - From Dr. Axe - Food is Medicine (Note: A balanced diet, sleep and exercise are key. Research is mixed on the benefits of many complementary treatments.)