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We can all relate at some point lol

You're beautiful, each and every one of you. You're all unique and special in your own way. Don't listen to what other people tell you. For you're beautiful and special. Believe in yourself. Be YOU. If you do that, you'll be the most beautiful woman on earth. I guarantee it. ;-)

I don't like to date anyone at all but it would NEVER be because of scars. You guys are amazing. I just don't feel attracted to anyone.

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35 Funny Pics for Your Friday

Hey stop it people, unless I like you...

Always remember that you're not worthless. After all, organs are extremely expensive on the black market

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Re-post if you have a heart<3

Pinning to popular board- A girl in my school is bullying my friends, shes made them cut themselves, and she already cut herself. Good thing no one likes her now, though.. So no one believes in the lies she tells.

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The Book Of Teenage Posts [book 1] - #28

So true! What's the point of cleaning ur room if nobody's going in there?!

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Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

only thing I don't have in common with this lady is I am not blond or skinny! other than that this is me!!! lmao