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Veronica Lake: one of the most beautiful woman ever with a hauntingly sad story

Halle Berry- She is a classy beauty, who has broken down so many barriers during her lifetime. She chooses to take on roles that are completely opposite of who she is, or what others expect her to take. Halle has taken such great care of herself over the years, and she looks just as good as she did decades ago. $24.99 rayban sunglasses

black women actresses | ... Ejogo, and More Black Actresses Land TV Gigs |

Indian Women ✮✮“Feel free to share on Pinterest" ♥

.~ .♥. Jane Fonda .~ .♥. ~ Whatta beautiful Woman .~ .♥. looks like ~ .~ .♥.

Kate Winslet.. I believe that Kate winslet is one of the most beautiful women on this planet..

Lovely Ladies circa 1940, females, women, cool outfits, hats, smiling, vintage, photo, sapira, history.

Mayan woman in Guatemala. There are approximately 8 million Maya who live in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and the Honduras speaking over 30 dialects, with radio stations broadcasting in Yucatec and Quiche Mayan.