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Oh you mean those people pushing for the bible to be the law of the land?have you actually read the bible concerning "women's rights"? I'm guessing that's a hard "no" considering the blatant hypocrisy of this statement.

A good reason the government runs Education to forward their agenda of dumbing down the population with revisionist history. This is how it started with Obama's and hopefully doesn't end up with Trump or Hillary, maybe BOTH!

TAKE NOTE** Soros a former Nazi has huge control in the democratic party, he pours in many millions. His grandson is married to Chelsea Clinton and is Hillary's son in law! The crime family grows. Monitor what they do and be informed‼️

So proud her mom is still working!

If she steals the election it won't be Hitlery in prison it'll be patriots.

Learn the FACTS !!! people before you shoot  your mouth off

The Barbary Slave Trade. Also see the Arab Slave Trade

MEME: The logic of Eric Holder...voting is not a right, it is a privilege, a duty, and a responsibility of every citizen of this country.  Additionally, no one not a citizen should be allowed to vote in this country, hence the need for identification.

MEME: The logic of Eric Holder...

NBC: Eric Holder signed off on criminal investigation of Fox News’ James Rosen