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Wayyyy too many tattoos: james white, this is a re-pin for me, I wish to comment to the pinner I got this from. Yes, I agree, somewhat. To the degree, only. I, personally, don't think I will ever like the hands, and, faces inked. But, and a big but, who the hell are we to say, and I hope she is still happy with her tattoo! Not much alternative to being happy with it... It is beautiful work!!!

Sexy Tattooed Girls - Inked Hotties

Love everything about this. Who says a girl can't be beautiful if her septum is…

People tend to think that those with dreadlocks are all hippies, and those with tattoos are all rebels. That may be true, but she's got tattoos, dreadlocks, and a smiling baby!

Dreadlocks and gauges. One Luv +dreadstop / @DreadStop #dreadlocks

I respect a woman who goes for what she loves and doesn't care what anyone has…